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NYC Legionella Mandate


Water Management Plans

  • Equipment surveys and risk assessments

  • Audits of current plans and treatment programs

  • Regular update of cooling tower Management Plans & Programs to keep up with changing mandates

Routine Compliance

  • Annual certifications

  • Routine Inspections

  • Remote monitoring

  • Weekly testing

  • Help with responding to summons and violations

Field Services

  • Start-up and layup disinfections

  • Remediation cleaning

  • Cooling tower rebuilds

WTS Water Technologies offers a wide range of solutions to help our customers meet the requirements of New York City's Local Law 77. These regulations and mandates are constantly changing, posing a risk for tower owners and managers being non-complaint. Apart from fines that can result from non-compliance, properly maintaining cooling towers is good for mitigating public health risk from Legionella infections as well as maintaining equipment lifespan and efficiency.

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